This list comes from many sources—passenger lists of ships that carried Poles to New Zealand between 1872 and 1883, the index of government-assisted immigrants under the Public Works and Immigration Act of 1880 stored at the New Zealand Genealogical Society offices in Panmure, Auckland, and personal family stories.

As well as the departures of large groups of Poles from Hamburg, it includes ships that departed from London, and those from Hamburg with few Polish passengers.

Different lists brought some wildly differing names and ages. Sometimes the only way we were able to match variations in family names was through comparing the number of family members, their Christian names and their ages. We have provided all the spellings and noted when we suspect that families listed under different surnames are the same.

This list is by no means complete. We encourage descendants of these early Polish settlers to contact us to confirm or clarify information, or to add names to the list—as we will continue to do. Get in touch with us through the link on our home page.

We hope this list inspires some of you to hunt out family histories and send them to us.

—Barbara Scrivens