Making Contact


We hope that you will have found something on our website to motivate you to share your family story, or that you have been prompted to delve into your own Polish family history.

This site has gone through several changes. One of the bonuses of working on such a fluid platform is our ability to update and correct stories and lists as we get more information.

We still have a lot of work to do. If you are part of a Polish organisation and would like us to publish your details, please send them through our contact form in the get in touch page. As well as a contact name, website address, and phone number, a few sentences about your organisation may be just the thing that encourages someone to contact you. We welcome bi-lingual contributions, and will help with English translations.

Thank-you to all who have trusted me with your stories. I know I started off as a stranger with a promise, and all we had in common was our Polishness. Your trust, patience, and belief in this project, has meant the world to me. Thank-you, too, to my husband, Steven, for giving me his frequent-flier miles, John Halucha, who edited my early drafts, and to Colin Smith, the man behind this site's structure, and who gave me the confidence—and support—to start again.

—Barbara Scrivens