On 21 January 1875 the GREY RIVER ARGUS, Volume XVI, Issue 2014, published this article on page 2 under the heading JACKSON'S BAY SETTLEMENT:

The following are the general conditions of the Jackson's Bay Special Settlement, issued by the Provincial Government:—

The site of the Special Settlement is a block of land comprising sixty thousand acres, extending from Jackson's Bay Harbour on the south to the Haast river on the north.

The land within the settlement will be sub-divided into three classes, namely, town, suburban, and rural lands. Town sections, one-quarter of an acre; suburban sections, 10 acres; and rural sections, 50 acres.

Each adult male settler of the age of sixteen years and upwards shall be entitled to take up one suburban and one rural section. Town lands will be sold by auction, for cash, subject to regulations to be made hereafter.

The price of rural land shall be 3s per acre per annum, and suburban land 6s per acre per annum to resident settlers, and payment for seven years will entitle them to a grant of the land without further payment.

At any time after two years' residence or bona fide  cultivation of the land to the extent of not less than one-fifth of the area held, settlers shall be entitled to a Crown Grant of their land at 20s per acre for rural land, and 40s per acre for suburban land; the rent which has been previously paid will be considered as part payment of the purchase money.

All rents will be payable yearly in advance. The payment of the first year's rent will not be insisted on until three months after selection, and may be deducted from moneys payable by the Government as wages: Each subsequent year the rent to be paid within one month after it becomes due, and failure to do this will entitle the Government to determine the lease and dispose of the same by public auction, inclusive of improvements thereon, and after payment of the rent due and the expenses of the sale, the surplus shall he handed over to the lessee.

The settlers will be landed free of cost at the township at Jackson's Bay immediately adjoining the southern boundary of the settlement.

Cottages will be erected there at the expense of the Government, where the settlers may reside free of rent for a period sufficient to enable them to get dwellings erected on their own sections.

Provisions will be supplied to settlers by Government during the said period at cost price; the amount will be deducted from the earnings during the first two months.

The Government propose to construct a main road through the settlement; the road to commence at the township, of Seacombe, Jackson's Bay, and run north as far as the Haast River; distance, about 20 miles. In the construction of this road, and of such other public works as maybe determined upon, the Government propose to offer engagements for half time during the first two years of the settlement to those settlers who r may desire to avail themselves of the same. The rate of wages which will be paid is 8s a day for ordinary labor [sic]. Funds for this purpose have been arranged for with the Colonial Government.

An experienced officer will be appointed to reside on the settlement, from whom the settlers will be able to obtain information and advice.

Government will also take steps to ensure to the settlers tools, and provisions at reasonable prices.

Experienced surveyors are now on the settlement, laying off sections; which will be surveyed free of charge.

All applications for land will be decided by the Resident Agent, in the order in which they are applied for. Where more than one person applies for any section on the same day, the choice shall be decided by lot. Provided that the Government shall haver power to reserve such sections as they may think necessary either before or after applications.

The Government are prepared to grant special concessions to private enterprise involving the employment of labor [sic] and capital in the establishment of sawmills, brickworks, fisheries, collieries, or other industries.

The money to arise from the sale and disposal of lands within the said settlement shall be applied for; the following purposes:–

(1.) In defraying the expenses incident to the formation and laying out of such settlement:
(2.) In making and constructing roads and any other necessary public works within such settlement:
(3.) In establishing, endowing, and maintaining public schools and any other necessary, institutions within such settlement:
(4.) In maintaining communication, either by sea or land, with such settlement:
(5.) In constructing harbor [sic] works, wharves, &c, for the settlement.


Persons desirous of establishing sawmills within Jackson's Bay Special Settlement will be required to state:–

1. The capabilities of the mills they propose establishing, giving the horse-power, description of plant, and quantity of timber the mill is capable of producing weekly.
2. The area of ground required for the erection of the mill and storage of timber.
3. The rate per acre they will be prepared to pay the Government annually for the right to cut timber for a period of 7 years over an area of land not exceeding 1500 acres, to be selected in not more than 2 blocks of 750 acres each.
4. The rate per 100 superficial feet they will supply the Government with timber, as may be required, delivered on the main road through the settlement.
5. The number of men they will give employment to in connection with the mill.
6. The time at which they will undertake to have their mill in operation.


Article from Papers Past, through the National Library of New Zealand: