Can You Help?

Photographs of un-named people who could possibly have connections to one's family or friends are the bane of researchers. The older the photograph, the more frustrating, because the number of people who may have known keep diminishing.

On these pages we feature photographs that have baffled family genealogists. If you can recognise anyone, or any place, please contact us through the link on the home page.


group of musicians

Jan Holland found this photograph during her research into her Palenski great-great-grandparents, who arrived in New Zealand on the fritz reuter in 1876. They were Henryk (32) and Augusta (31) and their children, Teodor (3) and Arnold (18 months), Jan's great-grandfather:

“This photo was in an album that belonged to my grandmother. I looked for any identifying notes but there were none. I believe the national costume is Polish.

“It is possible that it could have come from the Danish side of the family (my grandmother's husband was Danish). I don’t recognise any of the people (by comparing to other photos). Here’s hoping someone else may have the same photo with more details.”